We provide a professionally managed 24/7 live chat solution for your website. Our Live Site Greeter engages every website visitor that comes to your website with the goal of capturing their motivation and their contact information.

Our Live Site Greeter is a proactive response solution that will help dramatically grow revenues for almost any business. Instead of a visitor on your site getting lost or having difficulty navigating, our operators can help lead the user down a path to conversion or answer questions about your business.

The ultimate goal of this tool is to generate highly qualified leads / opportunities for your business and email the entire chat transcripts over to your sales team as soon as the chat has taken place.

Our Live Operators follow a four-step process:
1) They greet every visitor that comes to your website.
2) They answer general questions
3) They ask for contact information
4) They email the chat transcript in real time

The chat process for your website can be customized and we will work collaboratively with you to ensure our team exceeds your expectations. We work together to continue to optimize the training manual so that our team improves over time. We will learn so much from the conversations that take place on your website. While the primary goal is to capture contact information during a chat session, we also gain amazing insights into the questions and motivations your potential customers have. These insights can be leveraged to fuel additional marketing efforts. As we see questions come through, we will discuss them with you to determine what answers we should build into the script and which ones we should defer to someone at your company.

A study conducted by InsideSales and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) shows that the potential for a lead to turn into a qualified opportunity decreases by a factor of six if they are not contacted within the first hour of filling out a web form. Our Live Site Greeter gives the visitor an immediate human-to-human response.