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Our Live SiteGreeter can help increase the number of leads coming from your website,
therefore, increasing sales.

What works? Proactive chat sessions. Each website visitor will be engaged with a real time conversation with a real person. All chat transcripts are sent to you via email real time so you or your sales team can respond to leads quickly.

Your Live SiteGreeter can guide visitors throughout your website and help answer questions about your products or services.

Our Live SiteGreeters are dedicated to helping you increase your website conversion rates.

Can you imagine retail stores

where nine out of ten cu
stomers left without buying and no one ever asked them what they were looking for?

This kind of conceptualized approach to online interaction has increased conversion rates by as much as 20 percent and decreased handling times by up to 20 percent. – Jupiter Research

Our business is very unique and I was a bit skeptical at first, however, the team at interchanges seemed confident in their abilities. So with an open mind I desided to give them a shot. Sure enough , they have proven themselves because our customers have increased substantially.– AJ Franzone, President, Allen Field

The 24/7 Live Site Greeter has significantly increased our International Business. We have been using it for years and the relationship and results just keep improving with time. Companies of this caliber just don’t come along all that often.– Tom Jody, Marketing Manager, Vac-con

I get carbon copied on all the chat transcripts that come through. Even though my sales operations team responds to them; as the CEO I read each one because I know they are driving revenue for my company and I enjoy seeing that happen in real time.– Steve Austin, CEO, MDM Commercial

Here are three reasons our Live Site Greeter is superior to other ‘live chat’ providers in the marketplace.

  1. We pro-actively open up the chat dialog box
  2. The visitor can immediately start typing (no choice of yes or no; they don’t have to enter their contact information in order to chat)
  3. WE provide the people behind the chat 24/7

By subscribing to our Live Site Greeter solution you can have an live representative on your web site, greeting your web visitors and generating leads for your business 24/7 for a fraction of the cost it would take you to staff it yourself!